A partial list of companies where the executives John and Nicole Heckers have helped have worked or come from.

Executive Transition Coaching


Admit it to yourself. What you’ve been doing to find a job isn’t working as well as you might like. This is because most of what you’re doing, while making you a great executive, does not help you find a great executive job. IF YOU WANT A PAT ON THE BACK, STOP READING. IF YOU WANT TOUGH, SMART AND EFFECTIVE CAREER ADVICE, READ ON!

Do you have a personal trainer? Do you brag about how easy your workout was? Or do you brag about how tough your trainer is?

Do you want a career coach who goes easy on you, or a career coach that will truly hold you accountable, give you the tough advice, and be blunt and honest? This is where John and Nicole Heckers excel. If you want warm and fuzzy, please go buy a teddy bear! If you really want to end unemployment or advance your career, contact us to talk with an actual career coach (not a salesperson) about where you’re headed.  Convinced that you want our expert help?  Contact us now by clicking here.  Not sure yet?  Read on.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You have been looking for more than three weeks and have not had any interviews yet.
  • You have had interviews, but haven’t gotten an acceptable offer.
  • You are new to the Denver area and don’t have a network.
  • You (like most executives) haven’t been being a good boy or girl and keeping up your networking while you’ve been employed.
  • You are afraid you’ll never work again.
  • You have just been laid off and want to assure that you won’t be rotting on the couch a year from now.
  • You are frustrated and have been out of work for 3 months or more and don’t know where to go next.
  • You are employed but unhappy with your job, or feel that a lay-off is about to happen.
  • You have not had to look for a job before because jobs have always found you…until now.
  • You are a bit frightened by this nasty economy and the 25%+ executive unemployment rate.

If any of those statements ring true, you need to be talking to us now before you make serious mistakes that could dramatically increase the time you are unemployed or looking for a job.  We offer a free one-hour sample coaching session and consultation to assess your career and employment prospects.  If we offer you a place in our practice, we offer the following services to executives:

Services for Executives

  • Extensive assistance with networking, including exclusive networking events, instruction in networking, a closed LinkedIn networking group, introductions to our network as appropriate, and other helps with your vital networking activities.
  • Classes and intensives on job search techniques and management issues.
  • Incredibly effective (but tough) interview training.  We make sure that you are fully prepared for the toughest of interviews.
  • A full line of career transition products especially crafted for executive level personnel.  We show you what you’ve been doing wrong, and help you do it right.
  • Help with remuneration negotiations so you get the best offer possible.
  • On-boarding coaching so that you don’t mess up your brand new job.

Common Myths… Debunked.

1. I interview really well.

Unfortunately, this is a myth we hear almost all of the time, and almost all Executives are wrong.  Most executives think that they are above-average interviewees simply because they have interviewed many others throughout their careers. In our 30 years of helping executives, we’ve never met anyone who we couldn’t stump in 10-15 minutes.  Do you want to take that chance, with the small number of interviews that come along?  Executives have to endure 3, 4, 5, and even more interviews before the position is secured.  You owe it to yourself to come in for a free evaluation to see where you stand.

2. I have a great network.

If you’ve been unemployed for more than 3 weeks and haven’t gotten an interview yet, you either don’t have a network or you aren’t networking effectively.  The simple fact is: if you don’t have 350+ people in your local network who will call you back tomorrow or the next day… you don’t have a network. Being a client of Heckers Development will help you to rapidly expand your professional network of executives in the Denver metropolitan area.

3. I can find a job on my own.

Many executives have never struggled to find jobs.  With the dramatic slow-down of the US economy, the reality executives face is much different than they might have expected.  With fierce competition, you can’t count on outdated methods of finding a job, like applying online or submitting résumés.  The best jobs aren’t being advertised.  If you don’t know how to find those jobs, you could probably use some help.  Getting laid off is a big blow to your ego.  Having to take a “survival” job-because it took you too long to realize that you really do need help-will be an even bigger blow.

4. I have “irons in the fire.”

This is, perhaps, the biggest and most destructive reason people delay in getting the help they need. Jobs at the executive level can dissolve rapidly.  That company who is just “waiting on funding to go through” ?  Don’t count on it.  We’ve seen executives start jobs that, 2 weeks later, disappear into thin air.  Until you’ve been sitting at a desk for at least a month, don’t count yourself as being long-term employed.  Companies are rarely loyal to employees.  Don’t get blind-sided.

More about HDG:

Check us out on the internet or around town.  You’ll find that we have a phenomenal client satisfaction rate.  Ask about us at ACG or other networking events.  Talk to your friends and colleagues.  Then call us.  Our clients are satisfied for a reason.

Want to stay in Colorado?  We don’t blame you…it is our home too.  We’re well connected across the Colorado Front Range (and Denver Metro area).  Almost all of our clients have found great positions right here in Colorado.  Give us a call now (303.480.5484) and set up a free sample coaching session with John and Nicole Heckers.

Want to talk to John Heckers before making an appointment?  He’s happy to speak with you.  Call him at 720.581.4301.

Want to know what people say about us?  Click here or check out John and Nicole’s recommendations on LinkedIn. Click here for John’s profile, click here for Nicole’s.

Want to meet some other great executives to kick-start your networking with no cost or obligation?  Click here to find out about our Structured Networking Events, and/or call John to be invited to an exclusive Executive Round Table.

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If you’d like to work with us, we’ll start you out with a free sample coaching session.  We’ll go over your career, where you’ve been, what your values are, and where you might go next.  This meeting will be with an actual coach, not some wet-behind-the-ears salesperson.  We don’t like high pressure sales and assume you don’t either.  So, the session is an actual coaching session.  If you want to hear about our services toward the end of the session, please let us know and we’ll be happy to go through our service offerings.


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