A partial list of companies where the executives John and Nicole Heckers have helped have worked or come from.

Executive Transition FAQ

Are you recruiters/headhunters?

A: No. Recruiters and headhunters have their place and do fine work. However, they work for the company, not the candidate, and only have 2% of the positions available at any one time – less for an executive level. 90%+ of jobs at an executive level are not posted or given to headhunters. We help uncover that 90%.

How do I sign up for your practice?

A: We extensively interview every prospective client to assure that there is a good fit. We also administer a personality test so that we can determine the likelihood of success in our executive transition program. If we both feel that there is a good fit, we will have you talk to some of our Alumni, who are some of the most respected businesspeople in your area. If everyone is still assured that we would work well together, and if there is room in our practice (we limit ourselves to 15 transition clients and there is often a waiting list), we will issue you an invitation to join our practice which is open for ten (10) business days from the date of issue. If you accept, we move on to handle payment of a retainer, contracts, and getting you started.

Why don’t you publish your exact location?

A: Some of our clients are very high profile. We are well known in certain circles. We are happy to share our exact location with those coming to see us, but our first duty is to protect the confidentiality of our clients. We do this every way possible, even, in some cases, making house calls. (Yes, this career doctor still makes house calls.)

Are you licensed in Colorado?

A: No, for the simple reason that there is no licensure available for Executive Coaches, Trasition Coaches, Career Coaches or Business Consultants. While we have the appropriate business documents and so on, anyone, regardless of qualifications, can hang up a shingle as a career counselor/coach. This is why you must be very careful about qualifications and experience. There is no other protection for you than your own diligence in checking qualifications.Although there is no licensure here, we have extensive credentials, are Board Certified in Professional Counseling by the APA and have obeyed all applicable laws regarding our business…as few as they are.

Are you the least expensive coaches?

A: Far from it. There is an old saying that people get what they pay for. If price is your primary consideration, then we are not for you. However, we are the most reasonably priced transition and business consultants given our years of experience, our certifications, and our education. While anyone can hang out a shingle as a coach, not everyone can truthfully say that they’ve been helping people with their careers for over 25 years, or that they’ve been in business in the Front Range for most of that time for themselves. However, when you consider the cost of an executive remaining unemployed, our fee becomes a bargain, since we get very rapid results through working intensely with each client.

What is your success rate?

A: That is a question with many answers. The success rate of our client group varies from month to month, title to title, and industry to industry. Many firms will give you outrageous and false success rates, like 98u% or even 100%. The important thing to ask is “what is your success rate so far as people landing in new positions and within what time frame.” That is a question that has an answer. Our success rate is much, much higher with those who actually do what we instruct them to do rather than doing the same old thing they were doing before they came to us. If you come and see us, we are happy to share the averages on employment time for your title in that particular month. Of course, your results may be better, or not quite as good. There are so many variables involved that it is really an individualized question.

Some people have been in your practice for a long time. What gives?

Our program works…but only if the client does. There are many reasons why people can be “hanging out” in our practice for a lengthy period of time. Some of them have not worked the program at all. Others have taken extended vacations and leaves from the program. Some others were in career counseling trying to decide their next best career option. But, by far, the most common reason that people are in our program long-term is that they just haven’t been working the program. Unfortunately, these may be the people you come in contact with first. The clients who worked the program, made the networking meetings, and listened to our advice are generally “in and out” very rapidly. We are happy to give you a list of some of those clients to speak with if you are considering our program.

Are you an outplacement agency?

A: No. We are career counselors and transition consultants. We are different in many ways from outplacement firms such as Global Career Management, McKenzie Scott, CareerLab and so on. We also differ from wholesale outplacement firms such as Lee, Hecht Harrison, Right Management, Drake, Beam Moran, and so on. While these fine firms provide very important and competent services, we provide a boutique, individualized, high intensity and comprehensive program to a select few individuals to help them rapidly and effectively optimize their career life, assist in wealth creation strategy, determine ideal career path, strategize on future optimal moves, and maximize lifetime remuneration. We’re not for everyone, but for those we select to invite to our practice, we get results.

Why aren’t you for everyone?

A: Our program is intense, personal, highly thorough, involved, and very blunt. We don’t have time to be consistently tactful. We are fairly directive. We are very “outside the box” consultants. We have our executives do things which are very effective, but very counter-intuitive. Our interview training can take 20 ““ 60 hours and be incredibly intense (just like Board Interviews). We excel at demythologizing bad advice you may have received in the past. We work at all levels – networking, interviewing, mental attitude, spiritual state, and many other areas to help our select clients achieve results rapidly.

What sets you apart from other transition coaches?

A: We are highly accessible. We only accept twenty active transition clients at a time and work intensely with those 20 until they are happily employed. We are Front Range, Colorado specialists, with both John and Nicole being Colorado residents since infancy, and with extensive networking and personal contacts at all levels of Colorado business. John and Nicole Heckers are both highly qualified as career and business consultants, and we do all of the work for our clients – we don’t “farm it out” to administrative staff or junior consultants. Every bit of the work we do for you is done directly by a highly qualified consultant with years of experience working exclusively with executives. We work with all aspects of a client’s career life, as well as being accessible to families of our clients. John has served as a CEO, and understands business, but is also fully qualified in the psychotherapy area, having been the past president of the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists and Board Certified in Professional Counseling by the APA. Nicole Heckers is a highly qualified psychotherapist and career counselor, as well as having done extensive research and training in management issues. Nicole is Board Certified in Professional Counseling by the APA.

I have a couple of “irons in the fire.” Why should I use a transition coach?

A: Sorry. Everyone has “irons in the fire.” They almost never come to fruition (less than 5% of the time). Unless you have an offer on the table from your dream company, you can use a transition coach/transition consultant. Do you want to just take a job, or do you want that dream job at your dream company?

Will you get me a job?

A: Not necessarily.  Our job is to help you mobilize every avenue, including recruiters (we work with over a dozen in the Metro Area alone), networking (ours and yours), advertised opportunities, created jobs, venture capitalists, and many more, to get you employed at a perfect opportunity and allow you to stay in the Front Range Colorado area.

How many people do you accept in your practice at a time?

A: Only twenty active transition clients.

Why so few?

A: Our programs are intense. If we took more, our quality would suffer. If you read our recommendations, you will see that our quality is the highest.

I’ve come in second on a couple of interviews, so I think I’m interviewing pretty well. Why do I need interview coaching?

A: Ahem. EVERYONE comes in second. It’s like “Let’s do lunch.” We’ve often seen people who have interviewed for the same job, and both “came in second.” If you believe that you’re “coming in second,” we have a great bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Why do I need to use an executive coach if I’m employed?

A: Are you going to stay there forever? Do you want to be the best executive you can be to move up either in your current company or make a strategic move? Do you want an independent third party business expert to bounce your decisions off of? Do you want us to save you and your company money over the years? Then speak with us about becoming a strategic client. We can dramatically assist you in reaching your goals.

You work both with corporations and transition clients. Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

A: Sure, technically it can be. If we refer a transition client to a corporate client, we provide a full written disclosure about our stake in the corporate client. However, it is also an advantage as, being in both worlds, we put people together who might not have met otherwise.

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